Wat Pho Xaysanalam in Houaphanh, Laos

Wat Pho Xai or Wat Pho Xaysanalam is located on the outskirts of Sam Neua in Houaphanh, Laos. Also of interest in Xam Neua is Wat Phoxainaram, home to an impressive bronze Buddha possibly dating back to 1565 and an interesting serries of murals depicting the life of Buddha and scenes from Lao History.

Wat Phoxay Xanaram is most well known for the huge bronze Buddha which is kept there. This extraordinary statue dates back to 1565 and weighs nearly 4,000 kilograms. As well as this, there are a series of murals on the walls of the temple which not only show the stories of the Jataka tales but also show many stories from Lao history, making the temple a fascinating place to visit.