Vat Sibounheuang Temple in Sainyabuli Province

Built in 1456, Sayaboury’s oldest amongst most beautiful temple houses a 7-meter-long reclining golden Buddha…the province’s largest. Located on a hilltop overlooking the Nam Houng River in Sayaboury municipality, the mural-adorned Vat Sibounheuang attracts locals who come to ask for blessings before a trip and go to make merit upon their return. Also visible are the remains from the original temple.

A stupa on the grounds sits on a singkhone with four spirit-ghosts – two small and two large – who are honest and strong. The village ghost also resides at Vat Sibounheuang, and each year in mid-March, the district’s three-day Boun Phavet (Ghost Festival) procession, held in remembrance of Phavet who was once upon a time guarded back to town by the forest spirits starts at the cemetery and ends with the burning of clothes and throwing them in the river.

Location: Vat Sibounheuang is located in the center of Sayaboury municipality.