That Xieng Tung Temple and Stupa in Muang Sing, Luang NamTha

That Xieng Tung or That Xieng Teung is the most important religious monument in Muang Sing. It is believed locally that the stupa contains the Adam’s-apple of the Lord Buddha. When the stupa was first constructed is still a mystery.

Location: The 1-km dirt road leading up the hill to the stupa is located 5.5 km from the centre of town, on the Luang Namtha road near Km 52.

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To the left of the stupa is a stone stairway that leads to a sacred fountain and a sacred stone. If you follow the path to the right of the stupa heading downhill you might be able to find the old moat and wall that used to surround the site. The biggest festival of the year, Boun That Xieng Tung, is held here every year during the full moon of the 12th lunar month (usually November) and attracts a large crowd of people from around the province as well as Tai Lue Buddhists from as far top of a hill 5.5 km from the center of town on the road to Luang Namtha.

Head to Muang Sing’s most sacred shrine sitting on a grassy plateau just outside of town. According to locals, That Xieng Teung Stupa holds Buddha’s Adam’s apple. Historians have yet to date the sizeable golden monument. Smaller stupas stand around the shrine in a well-marked plot shaded by surrounding trees. A set of stairs to the site’s left lead to a sacred fountain and stone. A path to the right wanders towards the old wall and moat, presumably built by those who erected That Xieng Teung. The That Xieng Teung Festival is held here every year in late October or early November, and attracts locals and pilgrims from around the province.